Sponsored Video : How a Bag Lady is brightening lives of single womens

Diana Saw, Singaporean Lady, A 4 day combodia trip, and this turned a boon for those single womens staying in combodia.

Diana, The lady from Multinational corporation was on a 4 day trip to Combodia where she got an opportunity to visit the slum, and she was surprised to see women selling her baby for money, which made her mind to do something for those single womens.

She quit Singapore and shifted to Combodia. She started Bloom Combodia - A bag shop where she employed the single womens who lack money. The salary gave a sigh of safety, security for those womens, and it made them independent.

The Bloom Combodia enriched the weaving and Knitting skills. It also re used the Coke cans, beer cans which recycled waste products and helping in saving envirornment.

Kangna, One of the employees of Bloom Combodia took a day off from her work, and took initiative to feed the food to poor people. She contributes a $10 from her salary monthly for the purpose.

Our Better World is a Singapore based NGO which brings the life changing stories.

"We think stories are magical. And we think people are powerful. Both have the ability to touch the heart, challenge the mind and spark the soul."

Our better world is a initiative from Singapore International Foundation

The video below shows the entire life changing journey of Diana, who in turn changed many lives.

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