ICC World Cup 2011 Finals

Grand Final, Grand Stats

Finally, the "FINAL" of  ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 

will be  between



Ramayana Version 2.0
  • In 1983, India (Ram) Married World Cup (Sita)
  • In,1996,Sri Lanka (Raavan) took away Sita(World Cup).
  • Now After 14 yrs of Vanvaas, they will meet Again
  •  Ravana and Co. will Come to Ayodhya (Mumbai). 
  • History says, RAMA won Against Ravana. :)

1983 and 2011
  • The Calenders of "1983" and "2011" are Exactly SAME.
  • INDIA won the World Cup in "1983". 
  • INDIA will win the World Cup in "2011".

History will Repeat :)

Perfect Conditions

  • Sachin Tendulkar has Every Record under his Name Except World Cup Winning Badge.
  • Sachin is just ONE Ton Away from his TON of TONS.
  • FINALS in His Home Ground (Mumbai).

What More can u Expect ?

The Lucky "M" Factor
-M : Mirpur, INDIA beat Bangladesh
-M : M. Chinnaswami, INDIA beat Ireland
-M : M.A chiddambaram, INDIA beat West Indies
-M : Motera, INDIA beat Aussies in Quarter Finals
-M : Mohali, India beat Pakistan in Semi Finals
And Finally,

Final destination where WE can be The New World Champions 

The Unlucky "S" Factor 
 All Teams of ICC CWC 2011 who's captains initials are "S"  are out of the World Cup.: 
  • Strauss (England)
  • Sammy (West Indies)
  • Smith (South Africa)
  • Shakib (Bangladesh)
  • Shahid (Pakistan)
So guess who's next?
  • Sangakara (Sri Lanka) ?

    ALL The Best    , Dil Se :)


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Wear Blue & Cheer for India

An Request well Ahead of INDO-PAK Tie :)

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ICC CWC2011 Semi Finals and Finals Fixtures

-Finally, ICC World Cup 2011 is about to Reach its End.
-Some very Exciting and Unexpected results were produced by this World cup. 
-Ultimately, one who played well,booked their seats for the Semi's.

The Semi Final's Chart Goes as Below

and then The Big One..!!

Date:2nd April, 2:30pm

Wishes Team INDIA
ALL The Best
DIL Se :)

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Happy Holi

wishes You
A Very Happy, Safe and Prosperous HOLI to ALL :)

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Result of ALL Quiz:8

::::A L L-Q U I Z::::
                                  (Quiz About Everything)

Result: Quiz-8

Give the Relation Between
Male & Female using HINT.

Hint: "Female's Father-in-Law is 
Father of Male's Father-in-Law"

Right Answer: Female is Mother in Law of Male
or  Male is Son in Law of Female 

Right Answers By:

1st) Raghunandan, Mysore
2nd) Madhur Tewani,Nadiad, Gujarat
 3rd) Brijesh,Patan, Gujarat
4th) Abhishek,Mumbai
5th) Niranjan V, Mysore
Congrats to ALL :)
> CLICK HERE  to See ALL-Quiz-7 (With Winners Name)

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