Dengue : Why is it called as one of the dangerous diseases

Imagine a situation : You are all fine, and all of sudden you start sharp leg pain, high one and in some time your body temperature is tickling around 105-106 Fahrenheit . All this happens in mere few hours, and from your work you're completely on bed.

Yes, These are the symptoms of Dengue.

Dengue, one of the fatal disease, which doesn't have any official treatment. The only thing docs do is give you antibiotics and try to reduce the infection of the virus.

The worst part of Dengue is your blood platelets reduce from 3 to 4 Lakhs to 30-40 thousand in mere 1 or 2 days, and in any case bleeding starts from your body, there are no enough platelets to stop the bleeding, the life goes endangered. That's how Dengue becomes the reason for the death of people.

The only treatment to Dengue which is widely accepted even my senior doctors and researches is "Papaya Leaves crush Juice". It has the capability to make your platelets normal.

Another bad thing about this disease is you lose interest in almost everything. You don't feel to talk, to eat, to see, to think - Nothing ! You don't even get sleep. Imagine the mental situation during that time. The fever takes just 3-4 days to go, but the after effect of the dengue is something which you would never experience, and never want to experience.

You start feeling like a 60-70 year old person, unable to walk correctly, sit correctly. You can't even sit for half an hour comfortably. You lose your appetite.

That's the reason, you're prescribed with a long bed rest of not less then 3-4 weeks generally.

With God's grace, and family support, It did not take very long for me to recover.

All I can say is : Take a good care of yourself and don't even feel lazy to get blood tested or get consulted to doctor on normal fevers. You never know, it could be one of such.

How did i pass my time

I am someone who is not fond of staying idle for long.

I am a big lover of documentaries, especially Historical and Political documentaries. I saw few Indian documentaries below.

Few of the best documentaries I've watched. I would recommend you guys to watch it as well.

1. India Pakistan Partition :

2. Operation Blue Star & Indira Gandhi assassination

The BBC documentary : English

 ABP News Documentry : Hindi


3. Rajiv Gandhi assassination

4. Indian Nuclear Bomb Test at Pokhran

That's it for the day guys ! I've a train to catch. Couldn't stop myself to blog these things before that. Till then take care and stay safe. Share the post if you liked ! :)

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Xiaomi MI3 : Full Review : Is it a brilliant device or just marketing ?

Xiomi Mi3 has been making news all around for its 'Virtual Demand' created on Flipkart where its exclusively available, getting sold out in seconds. The last sale where we were able to book it, more than 20,000 phones got sold out in less than 2.3 seconds, says Xiomi.

Is the phone really worth the demand and hype which it is been creating, or is it pure marketing strategy ?

Xiomi Mi3 Main Specifications :

  1. Display : 5.0 inches IPS FullHD touchscreen (1920×1080 pixels, 441ppi) with Gorilla Glass
  2. Hardware : Qualcomm Snapdragon, Quad core, 2360 MHz
  3. Software : Android v4.4 Kitkat
  4. Storage : 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage ( No SD Slot)
  5. Camera : 13 MP Camera, 2 MP Front camera, Dual LED Flash, 1080p video recording
  6. Battery : 3050 mAh ( Non removable)

When I personally bought this phone, there was a lot of demand of full review of this phone, and so here we go.


Mi3 has Snapdragon 800 which already exists in smartphones like Google Nexus 5, LG G Pro, Gionee E7 etc. Mi3 comes with a 2GB Ram which easily handles the multi tasking on the phone without any lag in the performance.

Its been few days we've started using it, and initial performance looks very clean, but the final call would be on long tern run.

2. Design

The Mi3 body comes with plastic body with a metallic finishing. There's a 13MP camera on rear side with dual flash next to it. On the top, there is the SIM slot and a 3.5mm audio jack. At the bottom are the audio speakers and the USB charging slot. In the right side, it has Volume buttons and the power button.

3. Display and Graphics

The 5.0 inch full HD screen is the very first thing which impresses you in Mi3. The display screen is the Gorilla glass which gives you a smoother touch like any other devices. The display gives a very elegant and premium look.

The 5.0 inch HD screen and 2GB Ram and Snapdragon 800 allows you to enjoy the gaming graphics smoothly. We played few HD videos and the result was satisfactory.

4. Camera

Camera is something which people look out for before purchasing any smartphone. The Mi3 comes with a 13 Mega Pixels rear camera. The images ain't that vibrant as HTC or LG, but the camera results nevertheless are not that bad for a Rs. 13999 price tag. They're sharp and clean.

The front camera comes is a 2 mega pixel camera with face detection features and other features such as gender detection and age detection.

The video recording is something which impresses you. Its a pure 1080 HD video recording which definitely is upto the mark.

Check the sample photos below and come to a conclusion.

Left side is the Original Picture (Resized). Right side are the Details when original picture is zoomed.

Picture in Natural light <Image Credits>

Macro Photo from Mi3 <Image Credits>
Picture with HDR On <Image Credits>

Video Recording Sample :


5. Battery :

The Xiaomi Mi3 comes with a 3050 mAh, another  thing which impresses us. The battery has been comparatively good than the smartphones in market out there. Battery backup nails in this device.

The other phones in the market Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 2800 mAh and HTC One M8 with 2600 mAh batteries.

We charged the battery to 100 % on the very first day of the usage, and it ended slightly more than one and half day easily with balanced mode on. A light user could easily get a 2 day battery backup. The battery took around 1.5 to 2 hours to get fully charged.

Other reviewers say : The device managed to pull a 11 hours continuous playback of a 720px video on Mi3.

6. Sound Quality :

Xiaomi Mi3 comes with a mono speaker at the bottom part of the phone, slightly above the average quality when it comes to sound.

One good thing about the sound quality is, This phone doesn't hold that "Distorted Loud Sound" tag which generally we see in other china phones. The maximum volume is distorted and quality, which is something good about Mi3.

Pros and Cons

Excellent device with impressive display, design and battery backup. It certainly beats all the devices in the price range of around Rs. 13999. One of the impressive interface MIUI we've seen. It also supports indian languages, unlike few lower end HTC devices.

Inbuilt 16GB comes with No SD card slot. User available memory is 12GB with other memory being used by sofware. Not a big problem as the phone comes with its own cloud storage. The battery is a Non removable battery one, and it could be sorted out with external power banks available.

Scores in detail :

Performance : 8/10       Design : 7.5/10       Display : 8.5/10    
Battery : 9/10                Camera : 7/10         Sound : 7.5/10

Final Call :

The final scores we give for the device is : 8 / 10

Xiaomi Mi3 comes with a price tag of Rs. 13999 and it is definitely the device to look out for, for this price tag. This phone does not give you a cheap look for sure, which the previous chineese phones were known for.

Hope this review helped you to decide your call for Xiaomi Mi3. If you liked the review, Please share this on Facebook and twitter.

Currently, Xiaomi Mi3 is only available at Flipkart at Rs. 13999. You have to register first and once the sale is open, you get notified and you can buy the Xiaomi Mi3.

Click here to book your Xiaomi Mi3 from Flipkart now !

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