Uri Attacks : How can PM Modi respond to Pakistan?

India woke up with a very unfortunate and sad news of 18 soldiers martyred at Uri in a very coward attack by terrorists.  Indian government has been under heavy pressure as this is the second major attack after Pathankot.

There have been huge protests across the nation against such attacks which has been demanding a strong action from the government.

Here are some of the options on how Indian government and PM Modi can respond to the Uri Attacks.

1. Surgical Strikes :

A quick surgical strikes on the terrorist groups inside POK can be an option. This move can also backfire if situation gets out of hand.

It has to be done quickly as the window of the attacks shrinks with time passes. The locations has to be very precise as even a single civilian causality can create backfires.

2. Attack on Pak Posts without clearing LOC

India can attack on the enemy bunkers with the use of air strikes without crossing the LOC. It can also trigger some reaction from opposite side which can create causality on Indian Air-force.

3. Strategic Missile  & Rocket Attacks

The bunkers at a higher distance can be taken care by Missiles like Bramhos which can target up-to 290 KM of radius. The rockets also can be used for short distance targets like 90 Kms. This has to be very strategic as Pak Air-force has been on their toes against Indian Army.

4. Operation Parakram II

The Indian government can increase the protection at the entire BSF region connecting to Pak borders to ensure further safety and stop infiltration. This was done back during Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government in 2001 but according to experts, this won't be very effective move.

5. Isolating Pakistan on world forum

This is what Indian PM Modi has been trying to do during all his foreign conferences. Produce the proofs and try isolating Pakistan at every high level meeting possible. This has been happening from past which has not helped India to avoid such terrorist attacks.

6. Continue Peace Talks

India can continue the peace talks with Pakistan at the dipolmatic level. This move won't be seen as a very good move by Indian civilians nor pakistan civilians after continued terror strikes on Indian soldiers. This will politically be a very wrong move for PM Modi.

It is notable that Russia has called off their Military joint practice with Pakistan soon after the Uri Attacks, which comes as a positive signal for India. France has also openly supported India on every anti-terror steps being taken.

PM Narendra Modi's real ground test will be this action which he takes against Pakistan which will will decide his real 'strong leader' image.

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