DON 2 - The King is Back | Review and Free Ticket Coupon Giveaway

After the 5 Years of Remake of DON, SRK is UP to entertain people this Christmas. The Sequel of don, with the Name and tag line , DON2 - 'The King is Back'.


Producer: Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Shahrukh Khan

Director: Farhan Akhtar

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Kunal Kapoor, Boman Irani, Nawab Shah, Adi Putra, Alyy Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sahil Shroff

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Story Line

The beginning 15 minutes of the movie, you'l start wondering what is happening, but then you start getting the flow. SRK surrenders to Police (Priyanka Chopra and Om Puri) and he's taken to a Malasiyan Prison where his old enemy 'Vardhaan (Boman Irani)' is already prisoned from last 5 years. There, they both get into a team for a plan and then SRK gets vardhan and himself out by mixing poison into the other prisoners and tending to be doctors, they Fly Away !

Their Plan is Robbing the a Bank in Berlin, the 'Currency 'Plates' basically, and becoming Rich, where they blackmail the Vice President of the Bank.

Remember, SRK certainly had some plans for his Old enemy 'Vardhaan', but why does he make plan with him and how he gets rid with him ? Go and watch for the further story :P

The Movie Graphics and stunts are amazing as they are taken from the Hollywood. I watched it on 3D and enjoyed the show more !

This movie has another 'Amazing Giggle' with SRK wearing Hritik's mask and coming infront of Roma. That's a guest appearance by Hrithik and believe me, you'l love that scene :P

SRK even tried to attract audience with his funny jokes and dialogues in between. Lara dutta doesn't involve herself into the movie much, but one of her Item song, and few scenes of her certainly attract audience.

Sameer (Kunal Kapoor) is the Computer hacker who helps DON in understanding and hacking the security system of the bank and he even has very well done in the movie.

...And ya, At the end of the movie, SRK gave a little Hint that DON3 too is coming up :P

Trailer Video

Our Final Words and Ratings

DON 2 seem to be perfect 'Year ending' and Christmas glory.
With the Amazing Graphics, stunts, dialogues and amazing Story, Its certainly watchable.

Watching the 'First Day - First Show', I will give 3.5/5

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Microsoft Launches SO.CL saying it as a Social Networking for Students

After the Google, and Facebook into the Social Networkings, Microsoft looks as they have entered partially in it.Recently they Launched the site SO.CL (called as 'Social') which at first looks like an 'Social Networking + something'.

The site looks as in Trial Version, with an Inbuilt application which signs you through Facebook. As of now, New registrations have to wait as it shows 'Over Capacity'. They have an Invite system as of now for the registration. (We've giving away few free Invites too)

Microsoft Speaks
According to a post on Microsoft Research :
" has been designed for students studying social media “to extend their educational experience and rethink how they learn and communicate,” which, indeed, sounds very experimental. "

The site looks completely empty as of now with just few Features like video chatting called as 'Video Party', and normal posting and commenting.

The Small Video which speaks, 'What is' !

SO.CL - The Video Speaks

Things Missing :

1. No @replies
2. No Private messages
3. No Picture album
4. No ":)" option in comment section though ":)" is there under post.
5. No Gaming zone
6. No 3rd party Application associations

We'l have to wait to know, what Microsoft people are Upto :P

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FCU + Samsung Galaxy Note= Fun

(Sponsored Editorial)

Are you an combined fan of FCU and Samsung Galaxy note ? Confused ??

A Team of the Fact Checker's Unit, FCU was up with the Samsung Galaxy note in one of their episodes doing some Hip Hop and Fun with Galaxy Note to record some Music.

The Story goes like..
The duo is sent away from the office party on an 'impossible' fact mission, fact on 'T Pain' :D
And they end up in recording a Track with the Twin of T Pain, Pete Pain :P

The GALAXY Note's creative functions help the Fact Checkers Unit check the world's impossible claims. 

Fact Checkers Unit uses the GALAXY Note's creative and cutting-edge functions, as well as the generous 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen, to check celebrity facts by photographing, cropping and annotating evidence instantly using S Pen, digitising handwritten notes to their editor, and even editing an impromptu music video.

I Guess, you must really not miss that Episode and hence, its there Right infront of your Screen !
The Episode of FCU + Galaxy Note is below :) Enjoy it :)

And ya, I'm sure, Seeing this Hip-Hop, You'd love to grab the All New Samsung Galaxy Note soon :)

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The Inspiration at ZOO with Samsung Galaxy Note [Sponsored]

Samsung Galaxy Note, which needs no Introduction now, has found many applications apart from normal callling or messaging or internet !

Here's another Application where you can use your samsung Galaxy Note !

Katy Davis, the Street Squad Animator at Samsung,headed to the Zoo, to get something innovative from an Innovation, certainly the 'Galaxy' !

Katy showed some of the awesome features and apps on the GALAXY Note and how they help her to be creative. 

The 8 megapixel camera and 5.3" HD Super AMOLED screen is perfect for recording and viewing, whilst the S Pen and the S Memo provides a great way to mock up ideas when you're on the move. It's also really easy to share with the GALAXY Note -- Katy emails her photos and illustrations back to the studio whilst she's at the zoo.

Every month each member of the Street Squad from all over the world produces a video showcasing mobile life trends in their country through the latest Samsung Mobile devices.

So, Here's the Complete Video of her 'Awesome Innovation' :)
See, Feel and Enjoy, and hope, you have a Galaxy Note right in your hands in some days too :)

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Zaheer Khan hitting 4 Sixes in a Row ! [Video]

This is a Rare video which I found on Internet.

Zaheer Khan hit 4 back to back Sixes to
                            Zimbabwe Bowler Olanga ! 
                                            Enjoy it :)

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My Meet with M.S.Dhoni | 'A Dream Come True' ! Full Story !

Did you read my similiar blog on  Meeting Aamir Khan?

How did I Get Chance ?

If you're my facebook friend, you will be knowing that apart from my Strong Facebook Influence, Friends and networking, i have a definite place for me on facebook for participating in various Cricket contests organised by the official brands.

I've been winning quite often , but this win was a Lifetime win I must say ! Can you believe, 'A Dhoni Meet' !! OMG !! WOW

It went like, couple of months ago, I came to know about a contest, organised by Sonata, where the prize was a big one ! A Dhoni Meet and I had to participate in that as I've been a dead core fan of him

I'd to upload a video, play few games on it and collect as many points as i could, and 11 winners were selected all over from India with the Maximum points and Luckily I was one of them.

I was over joyed when My Name was declared as the 2nd Winner on the list and I was busy telling everyone that I'm meeting MSD :) The moment, i use to meet anyone,anywhere, the first question i used to get was, 'When are you meeting' ?

I'd doubt whether I'l meet of Not

The company made me wait for some days, say about a month and November 16th, was the D Day. That day I recieved a Blackberry (Prize of some other contest) and a call from Sonata saying, 'Dude, You're meeting Dhoni on 27th Nov !

I realised after the call that, I was stuck badly between two Unavoidable situations.

26th Nov - I had a Grand Function at my place with lot of guests from outstation
27th Nov - Dhoni Meet
28th Nov - My External Lab Exam

But, I was sure that this is just 'NOW or Never' for Me and some how I managed in the inbetween date.

In couple of days, i got my Airtickets from company and I was just ALL Set for the Show :)

Selecting a Gift for Dhoni

As I've been a big fan of MSD, i wanted to present something to him, I'd lot of Ideas in Mind, but with the busy fuction and labs, i could not manage to get something good, but Finally was satisfied with a 'Wooden Carved Mysore Dasara' (Something frm mysore, as I was frm Mys)

The Journey Began

I left for Bangalore Airport on 26th Nov Midnight 12:30am  ( Date changed to 27th) in a Hired Cab and it was around 3:30-4 AM when I reched there.
I was excited a bit, as it was my First ever Air Trip. For around 6AM, after collecting the boarding pass, i was inside the Flight for the first time !!

It was 8:30 AM and the Golden Mumbai was Ahead of me. No sooner did i come out of Airport, i had a Innova driver, waiting for me, with the Name Plate. With other winners to come, I left for the destination around 9AM

First time in a 5 Star Hotel

I asked the Driver, 'Which hotel is that' and he said ' TAJ, The 5 Star The TAJ President' ! And i was like 'Fisshh ! Its just Awesome'. We reached the Hotel, and the Sonata guy was waiting for us. He alloted room for us and told us to get fresh and dress up soon and come on for Breakfast.

When i entered the room, 'My God' , it was just Bloody awesome. The Bathroom only was like WOW, The room had a Big window where Whole Mumbai was Visible :)

I got ready fast and went down for the Breakfast. To be honest, i was not interested in breakfast and the excitment to meet MS was just growing and growing. After having the breakfast, couple of guys came to room and explained the whole event, saying what all will happen.

His few lines only made me mad. He said, 'You will be getting Individual pics with him and You'l be playing Cricket with him'. I was just OMG man. I was expecting just, they gonna give me some couple of  minutes and a group photo, but it was just a different story.

Around at 11, one of the guy came and said, 'Common' and the excitment began to rise. We went down stairs and were standing the room.

Seeing Dhoni

I just opened the door, something like, some one is peeping, and Believe me, I Allmost Fell down there, 'It was The Mahendra Singh Dhoni' on the stage man. Fishhh !!

It was just couple of minutes more, where they called up my name, saying 'Akash Jain' and I stepped in the hall, with the Mysore Dasara in My Hand and i went on the stage.

I was just unable to express the Feeling. Dhoni shook the hand with me, The same hand, in which He had holded the Worldcup and hitted the Winning Shot man !!!!

He then gave a 'Team Cap' to me and a Sonata Dhoni Edition watch and i was just Blushing !!

Then, I said 'Mahi, I've brought something for you related to Mysore' and showed the carving. He said 'Wow Its nice , Thanks' and he accepted it. I just gave a snippet of Mysore Dasara there. There i got couple of Individual Clicks more with him.

Playing Cricket with Dhoni

Now, the Anchor finished up calling each one on stage and then, they were up with the Rules for the cricket match, which we were going to play with dhoni.

Dhoni XI : Me + Dhoni (Captain) + 9 Other winners
Sonata XI : 11 People, sonata Employees

Indoor Cricket with 6 Overs.
Underarm Bowling, No boundries, just Running.
Wide/No Balls : 2 Runs

Our captain Mahi, was in the Nets for the Toss and the other fellow won that and opted for Bowling.

We, Dhoni XI, came into right side of the nets, and Dhoni had to write the name of the Players. He saw me, I said 'Akash' and he wrote 'AAKASH' on the Sheet :)

He asked "who all are bowlers and who bat well ?", Allmost all, including Me said, 'ALLROUNDER ( Atleast m Allrounder acc to my blog name :P ) and he said, 'Idhar hi Saare ALLROUNDERS Bhare hai, Indian team mein Kami hai unki' :D

Sitting Near Dhoni

I'd opted to bat at 6th Position, Infact, who the hell wanted to bat ? I just wanted to sit near him. Couple of guys were sitting next to me, and next to him was MSD. Those guys stood up and went for batting, and i was just Next to Mahi.

I was so damn excited that i could not talk much, but in between I'd managed to talk with him. I said 'Mahi, Agar jeet gaye to Party Deni Padegi' and he said 'Haa denge na'. I talked about Mysore zoo, where he adopted a tiger :D

Sometimes, when it used to be No ball, i used to say 'Mahi, No ball tha' and he used to speak same on the Mic which he had on his Shirt.

Inbetween, It reminded , I'd to take an autograph of Mahi on My Tshirt (Its an Tshirt with 'Dhoni' written on it. Thanks to Shree Kiran, who'd purchased this for me )
(See the pic, The Autograph is visible )

At the end of 6 Overs, i thought it was just 5 Overs, and i said 'Mahi, sirf 5 overs hue hai', and he said that on Mic, 'How many overs have been done?' and then he explained me, it was 6

.During the batting, the Batsman was hitting ball very hard and so i said, "Mahi, Umpire ko bhi Helmet pehnana Padega' and he said 'laughingly, 'Umpire ka Sar phot dega wo' :D

The 6 Overs were Over and i did not get batting, as the 5 guys only batted. Our team had managed to score 47 in 6 Overs
Mahi called all of us, some sort of Team Meeting, and said 'Wide-No Ball mat daalna, Araam se Jeet Jayenge'
Now, It was the Bowling, and Mahi said, 'Jisko Batting nahi Mili hai,  wo Bowling karna'. I was in Nets, and i got the 3rd over

I Picked two wickets on first two balls. The third ball, I'd RUN Outed the guy, but still dont understand, why the hell, Umpire gave it as Not Out.

Now, Mahi bowled the 5th Over and he too picked two wickets on first two balls.

Winning the Match

The Six overs were over and We'd won ! We all moved into Nets and All the audience were clapping, and it really felt Great !

We Moved to stage, where Mahi presented an Individual Trophy to me and everyone, and i got an Individual Pic there too !

Then the whole Group was called up and we celebreated there with Mahi !

Champaegne was brought, He opened it up and was passed to the losing team.

Meeting Sakshi too

Now, I was standing down the stairs, when Mahi was talkin somethin bout Leadership to the sonata people. In the corner, I saw 'Sakshi Singh Dhoni' sitting and at first sight, i could not believe, it was her.

I went to her and said, 'Hello 'Bhabhi', I need an Autograph for my sister" !
She said "I dont give Autographs ! Take Photograph, if you want" !! And there came a Click !!

And finally, we stood there, talked to organisers, event managers, they thanked us and we did the same !

Then we were told to have lunch, but with this whole story in mind, seriously there was no need of eating :D Stomach was full already, but still went to lobby, there were so many items, that just tasting each, whole Lunch was over !!

Another Co Incidence :

After that, I was still roaming in Lobby after the Lunch, expecting to see Mahi another time as he was there in Hotel only ! After half an hour, i thought, it was waste to wait and just pressed the button for Lift

To my surprise, the Lift door opened, and it was 'Mahi' with his Bouncers inside !! I was just Shocked :D :D. He went for the Ad shoot which he had then, the Body guard was standing at the door.

I just  went to him and said "Boss, I need a pic with You" and he said "Common !" and There a CLICK !!

After this, I went to Room, really I was feeling like, "Let's Dance" ! I celebreated in the room with others, clicked few pics there and then it was time for me, as I had return Flight too.

Thanks to Car Driver :

And Finally Left the Hotel. But Thanks to the Car Driver, as while going to Airport, he showed us many Mumbai Places :

Basera (Rekha's House)

Mannat, SRK's House

Beach infront of SRK's House :

Salman's House (ROXAN)

Bandra Werli Link

And Finally, reched Airport and then left for Mysore again. :)

'27th November", The Best day of my Life Ever :)

Thank you Dhoni XI

A Big thanks to Team Dhoni XI who made the day 'Just Awesome' :)

Standing (From Left) : Me,Sourabh Sood, Dhoni, Mahendra Pratap Singh,Anil, Prem, Dhaval Jani
Sitting (From Left) : Vikram Vohara, Vamsikrishna, Nayan Patel, Raghvendra

This Event not only made me to meet Dhoni, but it really gave some Good friends too :) Thank you Guys !

A Big Thanks to :

-I'l say a big big thanks to Sonata for giving me such a Big Opportunity.

- Thanks to the Organizers, Mayur Pathak and Manish Krishnamurthy

- Thanks to all Friends, who Voted for Me :)

-Last, but not the Least, I'd really tell a big thanks to my Friend, Mahendra Pratap Singh (The one next to Dhoni), for Letting me know about such a great contest ! Thanks Mahi :) I Really Appreciate it !!

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Did you read my similiar blog on  Meeting Aamir Khan?

For More photos, Reach my ALBUM HERE


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How to RUN Multiple Yahoo Messengers

 Did you ever know, you can run only One Yahoo Messenger at a Time on your PC ( Try Now ) !

 Here's the simple Trick to Edit your Registery and Enable the Multiple Yahoo Messengers.


  1.  Go to Start > Run.
  2. In the Run box, type regedit and hit Enter
  3. Now, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Yahoo > Pager > Test.
  4. On the right side, right click , choose New > DWORD value.


     5. Rename it to plural

     6. Double click on Plural and give 1 as Value Data

 7. Press OK. You Must be able to use Multiple Yahoo Messengers now

To Disable it, Follow the Same steps and just delete the plural Registery key

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Samsung Galaxy Note [Sponsored Review]

With lot of the samsung smartphones around, Samsung is not in mood to relax.The company is up with another of its products, and this time, its an Biggie

That's certainly not Tablet nor it looks like the Phone. Its an Combined one and that makes it name as 'note', The Samsung Galaxy NOTE. This adds up the galaxy series list with another product.

 Its the Globe's first ever 5.3" HD Super Amloed display with an Amazing Display experience.I wonder, you'l never need laptop for movie, once you own this.The gaming experience gonna reach great heights after this !

Now, when this product is called a 'Note', how could you miss the 'Pen' ? Certainly not.(Note :P ). Samsung has taken a good care of that, and provided an Amazing pen called 'S Pen' with the great input technology to the Note. You can easily start drawing wherever you want with great accuracy.

With the 3G Network (in India) , Wifi, Amazing HD Resolution, don't start guessing something about the battery. The battery backup of the samsung note, has been just amazing.It lasts around for 1.5 days, after all the use of Web,calls,apps,games ! ( OMG) :P

 You must be thinking, when its an 16 GB inbuilt product , what about the speed ! ?
This Android smartphone is up with an 1.4Ghz Dual Core processor. So why to worry, when Speed is Roary.

Price in India : The Expected price of the Note is 34,990 Rs. You'l surrely speak out 'Only' once you see the Video below :P

The Galaxy Note Introduction [Introduction Video]

The Main Specifications

Size and Weight :

146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm, 178g

Camera :

Primary Camera : 8MP with LED Flash
Secondary (Front) : 2MP
Effects : Action Shot, Beauty, Panorama Shot, Smile Shots

Connectivity :
USB 2.0 Host
Wifi 802.11, Wifi Direct

Internal : 16 GB
Expandable upto : 32GB (microSD)

Platform : 

Andriod 2.3 (Gingerbread)

For Further Specifactions, Catch hold Here

Final Words : This is an awesome product added into Samsung's Galaxy series. It certainly is the best piece at the rate. It looks to beat the recently launched iPhone 4S.

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Rebirth of Sachin Tendulkar [Video]

This video speaks about the Rebirth of Sachin, when it looked as his Career ended with the Toe injury in 2001, but the GOD has some other Plans for 'GOD of Cricket'. Watch this Video and Feel it.

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5 Days of Facebook [Facebook Relationship Video]

The Indian Video which Goes VIRAL on Facebook !

"5 Days of Facebook", is a Small Movie speaking about A Boy & Girl, who met each other after long time, on Facebook. Its about the Guy's Expectations & Reality.

This Video has gone Viral, all over the Facebook, and to feel proud, its an Indian Video !
I Suggest you to see this video, Its an 'MUST WATCH' :)


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The SMS Limit raised to 200 per SIM

After the TRAI imposed an SMS cap of 100 SMS per Day for each SIM to stop persky sms, the TRAI has turned up again to make sms lovers' cheer !

The SMS Cap will be increased to daily 200 sms per SIM effective from Midnight of 1st November,2011

Sources says that the representatives from Mobile operator companies had applied request to TRAI authorities to increase the sms cap limit

External Links for this : Economic Times | India Times


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Enable the Facebook Timeline in couple of Minutes

Facebook launched its 'Timeline" view of the profile,   but as a part of testing, they made it available only to the Facebook developers !

The official Launch of timeline may take some more time.This tutorial will make you a 'Facebook Developer' and then you'l be having the TIMELINE in couple of minutes.

This is how Timeline will look

             This is My Timeline view of Facebook

Steps to Enable TIMELINE

    1. Login to your Facebook account.

    Note: CLICK HERE and Verify your Mobile phone before proceeding (If already done, Proceed)

    2. CLICK HERE and go to Facebook Developers Page

       3. Allow the Facebook developers app to be added (See the pic above)

       4. Click on Create a New App.

      5. Give the App name and namespace such that its Available, and then agree to the Policies and click on      continue

      6. Now, Your App must be visible on the App's main screen

      7. Look for the “Open Graph” header, and click the “Get Started using open graph” link.

         8. Create an action like read a book and click on Get started.

         9. Wait for couple of minutes and go back to Facebook home screen.

        10. An Facebook Timeline Invititation must be waiting on top of your home screen

       And its Done ! Accept the Invitation and start Enjoying the New Timeline view :)


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