Save Millions of Lives: Be Part of Lifebuoy’s Thesgora Mission [Sponsored Video]

Lifebuoy is a well-known brand for its advertisements related to cleanliness. Over the years, it has come up with a plethora of ads stating importance of washing hands. But, its recent advertisement is breath in fresh air. It talks about millions of children dying every year due to diarrhea and methods to deal with this problem.

The video touches the emotional chord of the viewer and it’s already getting viral because of its immaculate concept and presentation. There’s an art of presenting things. The same video would have been extremely boring to view had the creators just presented some hard facts. There’s curiosity, suspense, emotions and some hard facts. You get to see all these things within 3 minutes. As the video starts, you would see a man walking on his hands. As he walks, his child follows and soon a large number of people start following him. Another man starts calling fellow villagers to follow him. Within a minute, it has become a procession of sorts. He walks on dirty roads and farms of the village and villages follow him talking amongst each other.

The woman who has been silent until now questions the man standing next to him why people are making such a big issue on a child reaching 5 years of age. It’s then the old man tells her that the kid is the only child in Gondappa who has reached 5 years age. They are happy that finally a child was able to survive from the wrath of diarrhea and pneumonia.

As the video ends, the viewer gets to see some facts. Over 2 million children aged less than 5 years die every year due to diarrhea. The video claims that these deaths can be prevented by a simple act of washing hands. Lifebuoy has been able to reach over 130 million across the world and informed them about the benefits of washing hands on a regular basis. It has started its mission from a small village named Thesgora that is having highest number of diarrhea cases reported every year. You can become part of its mission by joining its facebook fan page.
Sponsored by Lifebuoy

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