Update Facebook & Twitter simultaneously FREE with SMS

Today, when Social Networking has become a part of our daily needs, we need to be connected with it Always, but due to lack of GPRS enabled handsets, many of us really cannot catch all the updates and none of us can be 24*7 Online (Geeks, I Oblige : D )

But, I'm quite sure, everyone has National Free SMS on your cellphones.so, why not use just an SMS to keep connected with these social networking sites ?

Note: You'l be charged a National SMS charge, so better get a Free SMS Plan and Play Safe :)

So, here I'm up with an Amazing Trick to Stay connected with Facebook & Twitter just with an SMS

  1. Updating Only Twitter with SMS
  2. Updating Only Facebook with SMS
  3. Updating Both with Single SMS

1. Updating only Twitter with SMS

The Indian Website named smstweet.in enables you to Update your Twitter updates just with sms.

Go to SMSTWEET, Follow the Steps given on homepage and Register.

Once you register, you'l be able to Tweet directly from your mobile via SMS

For Example :
     TWT This is my First tweet from SMS (Send to 09243-000-111)

Don't Forget the Tag 'TWT' above
Apart from Tweeting, You can do some more things by sms. Check Here

 Note: Save the Number '09243000111' in your mobile contacts (as Twitter)

2. Updating only Facebook with SMS

Facebook allows you to stay connected with it just with an SMS.

In order to start using facebook with sms, you gotta connect your Mobile with your Facebook account.

Go to Facebook Mobile and Register your mobile there.

Updating Facebook with sms is a Very Easy task. 
Just type your Update and send it to 09232232665

For Example:

      This is my First Update from SMS (to 09232232665)

Note: Save the Number '09232232665' in your Mobile Contacts (As Facebook)

3. Updating both Facebook and Twitter Simultaneously with SMS

Now, to Enable the Simultaneous update between Facebook and Twitter, you need to connect your facebook and twitter accounts.

CLICK HERE and Connect your both accounts (Facebook and Twitter)

Once they're connected,
Go to Step 1, and Register on SMSTWEET

Now, You're Done : )

Your Updates on Twitter will also update your Facebook Update Automatically

     TWT This is my First tweet from SMS (Send to 09243-000-111)

Note : Vice Versa is not Possible. If you update Facebook, Twitter will not get updated
Feel free to Clear your queries, just Comment below.

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7 Respones to "Update Facebook & Twitter simultaneously FREE with SMS"

Anonymous said...

Is that Free ? like, twitter do charge some 5 rs or something for sms on those 5 digit numbers...

July 26, 2011 at 10:17 PM
Akash Jain said...

These all updates , u gotta send to National mobile numbers ( Ten Digited), so, untill u have free national sms's, that's absolutely FREE :)

Anonymous said...

am from Malawi i need this service to use with my operator how can i go about it? My email is Gat_game2000@yahoo.com
please let me know how i can go about this as i really need this service asap

August 18, 2011 at 5:47 PM
Akash Jain said...

The mentioned service is only for India.
To use in your country, you must first connect your twitter and facebook account as mentioned above.

Now to update twitter via sms, check out this link
http://twitter.com/#!/login/redirect/%2Fdevices (It may cost you accodring to standard rates)

vivek said...

very good i m vivek 9580**2326

August 25, 2011 at 2:23 PM
Ganga sharma said...

I deactivated my facebook account one and half years before. but now i am getting friend requests notifications on my mobile number.. i didn't give my any number to anywhere.. then why its possible.. please help me understand this..

November 25, 2012 at 10:06 AM
Akash Jain said...

@Ganga Sharma : Its because you have deactivated your facebook, not deleted ! Login to your facebook, remove your mobile number from the profile and then deactivate it again. you may get your solution there ! Cheers

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