FCU2 Galaxy Note | Episode 4 - Fly Like a Buttress

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The Last Episode of the FCU, where the Team had a great experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note, where the ended up in recording song with Twin of T Pain

The Fun doesn't end up there itself as Samsung Galaxy Note carried them to the New episode too !

This new Story, Fly Like a Buttress, goes like..

The FCU Duo, Brian Sacca and Peter Karinen, are sent to another task by their Boss to find whether DMC from RUN-DMC really thinks himself as a King ?

Their so called 'Friendship' gets tested to the Core inside the Castle where they have Samsung Galaxy Note in their hand to complete the Task.

Before you start viewing the Video, Let's have an Introduction with the Samsung Galaxy note :D

Fact Checkers Unit uses the GALAXY Note's creative and cutting-edge functions, as well as the generous 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen, to check celebrity facts by photographing, cropping and annotating evidence instantly using S Pen, digitising handwritten notes to their editor, and even editing an impromptu music video.

-Does the DMC is the real King ?
-How strong is the FCU Duo's so called 'Friendship' ?
-How does Samsung Galaxy Note cope up with them ?

All these Questions' Answers are hidden up in the Video below, so what are you waiting for ? 

And ya Remember, This Episode has got more than 4.5 Million hits already on youtube :)

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