Samsung Galaxy Note 2 : PicsArt [Sponsored Video]

Galaxy note 2 is successor to the popular Samsung galaxy note and is a massive phone, more like a small 3G tablet. This is one phone you truly have to stay with to understand all details completely. Most buyers will have a look on its physical capacity but that would be a mistake because it has much more to offer besides its size. The Galaxy Note 2 is a multimedia powerhouse with exciting features, but here we shall consider its picture art facility only.

The Samsung galaxy note 2 is the most successful phone editing and photo memory making Smartphone. One could also take pictures of snapshots of video, put it in Paper Artist and bring out a refined artistic look of a picture. Other picture art facilities include different levels of brightness, contrast, saturation, RGB, temperature, hue and exposure. Its 8 megapixel camera allows you to have an exquisite gallery of pictures and creating and organizing picture gallery in note 2 is intuitive. Also galaxy note 2 comes with a pen that helps you write or draw anywhere on the screen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The Note 2’s stylus S pen can be used to outline images and clip them from anywhere onto the screen. Simply hold down your S pen button and it will activate the cropping tool. You can now outline or circle out on your picture, or any other shape you want to. Then close the lasso tool and there, you picture has been cropped as you needed. Clipped pictures on the screen can be used to send them to specific apps where you can redraw, art and edit your picture.

The clipping option automatically saves your picture on the clipboard. This means you can use different picture art apps directly on your Note 2 to paint digital images. Some apps feature paper theme effects on your photos in a single tap. In addition to this, you could also draw on the image with your finger or the S pen.

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