Why you should not sit on your Wallet

Do not Sit on Your Wallet!!!
You may have never thought of this but this can produce multiple problems in spine especially for those who have long sitting hours. Make sure that when you sit in your office chair your wallet should be not in your back pocket (Not only Wallet don’t sit with anything in your back pocket).

Generally its a habit to put in all the unwanted stuffs, visiting cards, credit debit cards, coins etc in the wallet and increase its size,(  as if its too heavy with money :P )

Your wallet can be real pain for your back and the waist, and it can even lead to shooting pains down the legs. Sitting on a wallet for prolonged hours every day can compress sciatic nerve which passes beneath piriformis muscle and leads to piriformis syndrome, low back pain & self-inflicted sciatica.

The wallet acts as a wedge that forces the pelvis, spine and body out of alignment. Just as you would not sit on a brief case or a rock for an extended period of time, you should not sit on your wallet. Anyone who drives more than a half hour sitting on a wallet is a candidate for sciatica or back pain.

What can be done :

You can remove your wallets while sitting down, or put in your front pockets
If you are college student, You can keep it in your college bag
Try to keep your wallet as thin as possible, by removing unwanted stuffs

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