How to Hide your Name and Images in Google Ads Shared Endorsements

Google has rolled out new updates in the way they show their advertisements. As per the new terms and conditions, user names and photos would be used as recommendations in the advertisements. The name and photos would be pulled from the Google+ Profiles.

Shared Endorsements, termed by Google, would be using the user names and images to rate the advertisements, and show the recommendations to your friends.

How to Disable/Hide your Name and Images from Shared Endorsements :

Google provides an option where you can disable the shared endorsements so that your friends cannot see your name and image in the ads.

2. Scroll to the end of the page, uncheck the option " Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads."

3. Press Save

Now, Your details would not be shown in the Shared Endoresements.

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