How do Petrol Pump Guys Cheat you and Rob your Money ?

(I am writing this post because I personally experienced this couple of times.

I could not resist myself to write this which could help lot of people to play safe.

Follow the tips and Share the post with maximum )

Are you a owner of a Four Wheeler, and do you get the fuel filled by trusting the fuel persons blindly and sitting inside the car ? Its time to tighten your shoe laces.

A big Fuel cheat / Short Fuelling is going across various fuel stations across nation, where the fuel filling person cheat people with tricky ways, and fill lesser fuel than what amount you pay, and unfortunately the customer gets no clue of it.

I personally have experienced that when you ask for a Rs. 1000 fuel, they fill for say Rs.600-700, distract you (by asking Vehicle number or taking something) and then they do something with meter and it shows Rs.1000. You're just filled for Rs.600-700 and the remaining 300-400 goes into their pockets. Imagine the daily number of customers getting faced with the same

Kiruba Shankar, a Chennai resident faced the same, but unlucky for the fuel station, he was not among those who could tolerate it and let it go. Thanks to Social media, he brought the issue on facebook and it went so viral with thousands of shares that even Times of India could not stop themselves covering it on their news.

Here's the video from Kiruba Shanker from the fuel station itself explaining how was he tried to be cheated by the Fuel station workers.

After all the drama, The concerned officials from Bharat Petroleum requested Kiruba to meet them personally. They explained all the steps taken against the station. Those fuel station workers were fired from work, finding them guilty after the investigation, and few tips were given to be safe against those cheating happening.

How to be Safe : Next time you get your vehicle Fueled, Make sure about the things below :

Most of the cheating is done with customers who come in four wheelers because the person in the car/SUV does not bother to either get out or look at the meter. 

  • Come out of your vehicle and keep an eye on the Fuel meter from ZERO till the exact amount of what you want to get filled. Never get distracted to any foolish things or questions in between. Ask them to wait untill the filling is done.

Few of my friends told me, The petrol pump guy asked them "You're shirt looks nice, from where did you bought it, or they may ask your car number, as if they don't have eyes to peep on the number plate"

  • One traditional way of cheating is to start the fueling from the previous person's last reading. If the previous person did a Rs.100 fueling, and if a reset is not done, your fueling will start directly from 100, to  101 .. 102 and so on, so you'll be losing Rs.100 fuel. Always check ZERO on the fuel pump screen.

  • Another way these staff cheat is by pressing the 'preset' buttons for Rs.100, Rs.500 or Rs.1000. If you wanted fuel for Rs.500, half way through, they will press the preset button which will show Rs.500 in the display but only half the fuel would be filled. Ask for uneven numbers like Rs.535 or Rs.1385. It reduces the cheating level drastically. 

Share the post and bring the awareness to save a lot of people getting cheated. Play safe and happy fueling.

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