Narendra Modi pulls his Nomination back from Vadodara

Narendra Modi took his nomination back from Vadodara seat on saturday. You would be shocked to read this news and would be wondering that BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi is contesting from Vadodara, then how can he take his nomination back ?

The interesting twist is that a Similar named candidate had filed his nomination from vadodara seat. A person named Narendra Babulal Modi had filed his nomination from vadodada seat as individual candidate and he pulled his candidature back on saturday.

Congress has fielded Madhusudan Mistry, AAP has fileded digambar Kamath against Modi in vadodara. Apart from these two, there are 5 other candidates.

So, All Pro-Modi fans, not to worry. Narendra Damodardas Modi is strongly fighting at Vadodara and varanasi. If you got scared for a minute, Do it to your friends as well. Like and Share below.

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