Get The Old Facebook Photo Style Back

Facebook recently upgraded its photo Album style to a new one, which in return is disliked by many of the users.You can get back to the old style of the photo album with the following trick.

The New Photo Album Style :

The new photo album style has the entire background shaded off with just the image appearing.

Few more options like Rotate Left and Rotate Right are given for the Photo owners.

The Options, Comment section has been shifted to the right side, from the bottom, which in result, will decrease the width of the image.

Steps to get Old style Back

Trick 1 : When the Photo is opened with the new style, go to the url of the image (See the pic above), search for the &theater, just remove it from the url and press Enter

Trick 2 : Just Refresh the Page or press F5 (See the circled part in the Image)

Trick 3 : Just Open the photos in the new tab, by Right clicking on it and selecting Open in new tab

And the same photo will be in the old style back

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3 Respones to "Get The Old Facebook Photo Style Back"

Akash Jain said...

Information based on

Akash Jain said...

Thanks for the Tip :)

Biplab parida said...

Its a nyc post , btw we can press enter instead of f5 or refresh na ! thnx akash jain ..

February 18, 2012 at 11:49 PM

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