Valentine's Day Special : 'Ready to Fall in Love' ? - A Book By: Veer Santosh

We, the ALLROUNDER team wish all our readers, 
'A Very Happy Valentine's Day !'

The Commited Guys - Happy Valentine's Day !
The Single Fellows - Happy Independence Day :D

Its been the tradition of the ALLROUNDER to bring some special event, around every occasions and following our words, here's something special for you and I'm sure, you would love it.

There are various types of people on the Earth.
1) Not at all Interested to fall in Love
2) Already fallen into Love

The Third category of the people, on which One of my Friend, 'Veer Santosh' has tried his hands on. At a very 'Studential' age, he took the pen in his hand and wrote down a book

The 3rd Type of People who are :  "Ready to Fall in Love"

About The Book :

Love, in its purest form is the driving force of nature. It embraces all the aspects of life, & keeps it moving starting from the moment we land here to all the way down till we go on our last journey leaving memories behind.

Marriages are made in heaven. But, love stories are made on Earth. People get struck with wrong person, & for them love becomes, "That thing called love". Love is not so!!!

Everything in the world has its own good & bad. It's us, who embrace what we need or what we deserve to be precise. Not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay in complete. Yet they are beautiful just the way they are. After all Luck is such a thing. It plays quite well along the way.

About The Author :

Veer Santhosh, originally named Santhosh S V (21 years) is a final year engineering student at Maharaja Institute of Technology, Mysore. Hailing from a middle class family, he was brought up in Mysore. Apart from writing, & reading, he has keen interest in film making. 

He has directed a short film titled, "What's your dream..?" . He is crazy about Kannada film music, & his friends love stories!! "Ready to fall in love..?" is his debut book.

Pre Book and Contact

The Book is Set to Release on 11th March,2012
You can contact the details below for prebooking.

Official website :
Phone Number :+919741939815

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