Mobile Apps To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes - Mobile Repellent

The Mosquitoes have been a common problem for everyone around the globe and to get rid of their torture, people commonly use Coils or Liquids etc.

Did you ever imagine, could you mobile become helpful in getting rid of these mosquitoes Torture ? We say Yes, you can !

The Mobile application developers have come out with Mobile applications which keeps the mosquitoes away. It may sound confusing but you can understand it after looking at its working.

How does it work

This application provides the ultrasonic sound and do several things to repel insects. The sound is undetectable to the human ear. First, the sound that mimic predators, which scare away insects. 

A mosquito, for example, may think a predatory dragonfly is nearby. Moths may believe a bat is swooping down to feed. This is also a sonic sound (ultra sound).

Our Experience

In the application which we downloaded, there was option to set the frequency of our choice which alters the sound. The sound was slightly detectable to human ears also, but  keeping the mobile slightly away, this app can be effective

The Various Applications:

Mobile Repellent for Andriod is the application which we found it on the Google Play store

Created by: Green Mobile Inc
Cost : Free
Ratings : 4.5/5
Downloads: 12000+

Anti Mosquito for Apple is the application we found on Apple App store

Created by : Pico Brothers
Cost: Free
Ratings : 4/5

Bug Zapper for Windows is the application we found on Windows App store

Created by : Edgeway Software
Cost: Free
Ratings: 4.5/5

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