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Editor's Words : This post has been the toughest to be written for me, as I'm really out of words. I am not able to collect words for this genuis.

Date:16th March,2012
Venue: Mirpur,Bangladesh
Opponent: Bangladesh

The Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar who's called as 'The GOD" of Cricket, ended up the big wait, of all his fans and under loaded the big load of the 100th Century, which he was carrying on his shoulders since the last   370 days. He scored the Mega TON in the style versus Bangladesh and even opponenet could not stop their hands clapping.

What did Sachin have to speak about this :

 Ramiz Raza:  I Don't know how to introduce a Milestone like sachin but Sachin, Your thoughts on this Achievment ?
Sachin : I can't think of too much right now. It has been a tough phase for me. I felt I was batting well in Australia but I was luckless. 

Reporter : Did you ever think about this Milestone ?
Sachin: I was not thinking about the milestone. There was no talk about it when I scored the 99th but the media eventually made it a big thing. Everywhere I went (restaurants, hotels, room service, the ground) the talk was only about the 100th hundred. I decided to do what was best for the team, you know, put your head down and grind it out. I'm glad to have got it now. 

Ramiz Raza : What was going through your mind ?
Sachin: The ball was not coming on. I talked with Virat and we decided that 270-280 would be a good score. Virat who batted long in the previous game, said that this track is a little slower. 

Ramiz Raza: Do you realised what have you achieved ?
Sachin : The achievement has definitely not sunk in but I've lost about 50 kilos (laughs). 

Ramiz Raza : A Child was watching Sachin Tendulkar, who wants to be a sachin tendulkar,what message do you have for that little Kid ?
Sachin : Dreams do come true. I waited for 22 years to win the World Cup and so my advise to youngsters would be to chase their dreams.

Video : What Sachin had to speak after his 100th Hundred

Video of Sachin's 100th Century

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