Samsung Galaxy Note II - Tools Features [Sponsored Video]

Just within a year of the launch of the original Galaxy Note presented , Samsung has came up with the newer and effective version of the another handy Phablet, the Galaxy Note II.

Some of the Eye catching specs of this phone are Super Amloed Screen, Simultaneous HD video and Image recording, Works on Jelly Bean Android, NFC, quad core processor with 1.6Ghz.

Easy Clip options helps you to crop the images from the websites which can be easily shared to your near and dear ones on your social networks.

Idea Sketch is an exciting app which recognizes your handwriting on the screen and  it matches the inbuilt patters to what you did.

The Auto Outline feature can be used to outline any photo which is captured or downloaded.

Having the Black Friday tommo, we are sure, You can grab this Phablet at a very good price and believe us, this phone would certainly won't dissapoint you.

The Tools and Features of the Mobiles are shown in the videos below.
Expression Tools

Video 1 Video 2
Smart Features

The Smart Roation is really smart enough as the front camera keeps an eye on the user's face and whatever be the direction of the user's face, the screen is rotated accordingly. This feature is disabled by default, but it can be enabled by going into the display settings.

Using the samsung dock, this phone can turn into a very good desktop with couple of USB ports, HDMI , speaker line out ports.

The S pen works really great with the phone. It offers you the feature of storing the contacts in your handwriting, once its stored and you write the same next time, it automatically matches it.

Whenever the S voice command is unable to be used in noisy conditions, the s pen replaces its work very effectively.

The Smart Features of the Note II are showcased in the video below:
Multi Tasking

The phone having a good large screen has taken advantage of multitasking very effectively.The new firmware update XXALIJ1 has enabled the split screen for the multitasking view in the note which can help you parallely work on many stuffs at a time.

Yes, It works very well with multitasking too. Have a look.

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live score said...

There is certainly no doubt the this phablet is a good one and deserves a chance to be the android king but I think after HTC have announced their Droid DNA it will be a tough competition for the title of the king between these two phones.And in one thing that I think HTC's flagship stands a chance is it's quadcore krait processor and its dedicated image chip.So it will be exciting to watch that which will be sold more effectively.

November 25, 2012 at 12:10 PM

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