Gangnam Style - 310 Million Views - 3 Million Likes on Youtube !

Guiness world record for most Liked youtube video and 310 Million Youtube views in just two months. It itself talks about the Virality of this Video.

After the big viral hit Kolaveri Di , a new Video from Korean Rapper PSY, 'Gangnam Style' has gone too much viral on the various social media.

In various cities, the Flash Mobs have started to happen on this song.

Records :
  • The video is Recognized by Guiness World records for Most number of Likes on youtube on 20th September,2012
  • The video has been watched over 310 Million times on youtube just from July,2012 making it the most viewed korean video, on youtube.

Enjoy the Gangnam Style below.


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1 Respones to "Gangnam Style - 310 Million Views - 3 Million Likes on Youtube !"

Anonymous said...

Lmao ! Awesome stuff it iss

November 11, 2012 at 4:07 PM

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