Sachin Tendulkar Joins Facebook, Over 4 Lakh Fans within Few Hours !

After all the young generation, even Sachin Tendulkar could not stay away from the Fever of Facebook. He officially entered the Facebook and within few hours, he got over 4 Lakh likes.

He updated a status dedicated to the Nation saying,

"Hello friends,

I'll like to welcome you to my facebook family. As a child I always dreamt of playing cricket for India and I chased my dream of winning the World Cup for 22 years. It wouldn't have been possible without your support. I wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you for having prayed for me and wish well for me. I look forward to sharing my experience with you, join me on my facebook so that we both can share this experience and go through this journey together.

Video Message from Sachin Tendulkar

Official Facebook Link

Its known that, Sachin Tendulkar is already active on twitter with handle Sachin_rt with over 26 Lakh Followers
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